Products & Services

We offer customers a wide variety of quality products as well as installation and repair services. Our large inventory and excellent customer service make us the best option for Toronto blinds.

We offer a one of the largest inventories of blinds in Toronto. We are glad to assist you in picking the right blinds to suit your needs. We offer free in home consultations, and will gladly send a specialist to your home to discuss your needs.

Foam Wood blinds
Foam blinds are relatively new to the market, and have the same look at wood, but at a more affordable price. They have the added advantage of being water-resistant and easy to clean. These are becoming increasingly popular Toronto blinds.

Wood blinds
Wood blinds are a timeless classic, and many of our customers prefer wooden blinds for their appearance and sturdiness.

Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds are designed for very large windows, and for sliding glass doors.

Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are some of our best-selling blinds in Toronto. Venetian blinds feature overlapping slats, allowing for maximum privacy and light blockage.

We also offer several varieties of shades to fit your needs.

Honeycomb/shell shades
These are some of our best – selling Toronto blinds, as they come in a variety of colors and fabrics and can match nearly any décor.

Woven Wood & Bamboo
Woven wood and bamboo shades offer a unique, natural look and are well suited to Asian-inspired décor.

Roller and Solar shades
These shades offer full coverage, and are excellent for energy conservation and personal privacy.

Pleated shades
Pleated shades are favored by customers that prefer crisp, clean lines, and complement simplistic décor.

Vinyl shutters
Vinyl shutters are very durable, and are highly water resistant, making them an excellent choice.

Wood shutters
This classic provides a touch of class to any decorating scheme.