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Vinyl and California shutters are a classic window treatment, and are favored for their neat, clean lines. They are also one of the most durable window treatments available, and very easy to operate – no hoisting of heavy blinds, or tangled strings. We boast a full line of products, and carry the finest California shutters Toronto has to offer.

About California Shutters
California shutters, or plantation shutters, refer to broadly slatted blinds that are mounted on a solid frame. Their design is optimal for promoting a free flow of air, while also creating shade to keep your interior cool. They are also very attractive, and add a touch of class to any décor. We carry many high quality shutters, and Blinzzman is your answer for Toronto shutters.

Advantages of Vinyl Shutters
Vinyl shutters are very durable, and are easily cleaned. They are also waterproof, and will not warp or stain, as wood shutters ultimately will. Vinyl also provides a smooth, crisp look, and is available in many colors and styles. Our vinyl shutters are of utmost quality, durability and style. We are your source for Toronto shutters.

Installation of California Shutters
We recommend for a qualified professional to install your California shutters. California shutters are more difficult to mount than are other window treatments, and a specialist will be able to ensure that they mounted straightly and firmly. We offer professional installation and maintenance services, and would be glad to discuss your needs and questions.

Blinzzman offers complementary home consultations, and we will gladly send a representative to discuss your window treatment needs and to assist you in selecting the products that are right for your home. We are pleased to say that we are the best source of California shutters Toronto has to offer, and pride ourselves in offering outstanding customer service as well.